bleedformeee (bleedthefreak) wrote,

New York

First day in New York. It's so humid I'm having trouble breathing. Also, it smells like trash. Also, I'm super light headed. Not sure if that's from the plane ride, the humidity, or the city.

Our hotel is in Manhattan right next to Grand Central Terminal. I know I need to go to bed so that I'm well rested for the conference tomorrow, but I am having trouble sleeping since I'm still on PST.

We finally got the agenda and the research portion all sounds so boring. Marketing sounds way more fun. *sigh* Not looking forward to the "Speed Networking" icebreaker.

They made me take professional photos. Here's my new headshot that makes me feel both very fake and somewhat important at the same time. They asked me to take my glasses off, but I didn't like those photos. They just didn't look like me.

Okay, time to attempt sleep. Writing entries on my phone takes forever...
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