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Ruffling Feathers

Okay, so two nights in a row of going to sleep after 2am has really not done wonders for my mood. Cranky Bonnie.

Since Dustin had plans last night with his D&D crew, I went to visit my parents. I wasn't feeling well (thanks to the complete lack of sleep the previous night), so I almost didn't go. I'm glad I did. I got to play with my feathered friends, whom I absolutely love. Two of our chickens (Noel & Khaleesi) are broody right now, so they've been separated from the others until they start laying again. They knocked over their water and it made the bottom of their mini coop a watery shitty mess. So by the time we all got home from work, they had loads of crap caked onto their claws. Now, try to catch two angry broody chickens with shit all over them to put them back in their freshly cleaned coop when they want to be in a nesting box in the main coop. Gross. It was probably quite the spectacle. My dad was outside BBQing steaks and watching mum and me try to corner them. Hilarity ensued.

Noel, Khaleesi, and Bijou a few weeks ago

Nellie was a sweetheart, though, as usual. She comes right to me and never puts up a fight when I approach her. When we get our next set of chickens, we'll get them younger so they're a tad more friendly. We got this bunch as pullets, and some of them are just completely unfriendly.

Titus pretending Nellie isn't right behind him

And Titus, poor Titus. He is so sensitive to sudden movements and when they dart around and pass him in the yard, he visibly shakes. He wants to eat them so badly. He mopes around and stares at them longingly.

Dad made these gigantic New York steaks and baked potatoes for dinner last night. I probably would have had ramen since I would have been cooking for one. Not only did he feed me last night, but he sent me home a couple more steaks for tonight.

After dinner mum and I looked through my most recent progress on our family tree. I'm focusing on her mother's side right now, since she'll be down to visit in a few weeks. I keep a physical journal for new information and leads and stuff. This is some serious detective work. I hate when I think I'm onto something and then the lead turns out to be a dead end.

Then we watched Burn Notice for several hours and I didn't get home until midnight. Dustin didn't get home until 2ish and I was still wide awake at that point. I took a warm shower in an attempt to calm myself, but I was just really jazzed up for some reason. This does not bode well for my healing (just getting over a cold or something) or our trip to Pennsylvania next week. Think healing thoughts!
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I would just like to say that I think it's really cool that you have chickens! haha

Do they ever get to be a problem at times?
Oh yeah, they can get pretty obnoxious. They're up squawking at 5am and I am not a morning person. Thank goodness I don't actually live with my parents any more.

Also, they keep sneaking into our garden and destroying it. We have 32 tomato plants right now that they are specifically interested in and half of them might not make it. We've been rigging up extra fencing (so there are 2 layers of fencing around the tomatoes), but they're still managing to bypass it!
Gah! I was trying to keep a family tree for a while. Before my grandma died, I kept asking her for names and she could barely remember. That and the dementia didn't help either. :| We even used that one search thingie (I can't recall the name of it for the life of me right now) and it pretty much led us nowhere. I hope you have better luck than I did. PS: OMG THE CLUCK CLUCKS! *chases*
The staple that most people use is I use it as well. It's quite helpful for census info and very forgiving of misspellings and such. However, it can only give you so much. You've got to dig deeper and start looking through county webpages and cemeteries ( and historical society sites. It gets pretty crazy :D
I did the ancestry thing. I didn't think of findagrave, good idea! My family history lies in mexico though, I'd have to pay a lot more to find out everything. Maybe one day after I've been working a while :|
Yeah, definitely much harder (and more expensive) when your ancestors are from outside of the U.S. Wait until you have a lot of time for it and then pay for just one or two months and rush through :)
You'll see me trembling with coffee trying to get it up to my mouth, with racoon eyes and bags. LOL. After the last time I threw everything out of the way and said "Fuck it, Grandma came to the US to have a better life I'm grateful, end of story." hahaha!

I did find out from a cousin I used to talk to about my family history on my dads side and how we came to be. It's like a greek tragedy. :|
That Nellie is such a photobomber.
She IS! :)