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New York

First day in New York. It's so humid I'm having trouble breathing. Also, it smells like trash. Also, I'm super light headed. Not sure if that's from the plane ride, the humidity, or the city.

Our hotel is in Manhattan right next to Grand Central Terminal. I know I need to go to bed so that I'm well rested for the conference tomorrow, but I am having trouble sleeping since I'm still on PST.

We finally got the agenda and the research portion all sounds so boring. Marketing sounds way more fun. *sigh* Not looking forward to the "Speed Networking" icebreaker.

They made me take professional photos. Here's my new headshot that makes me feel both very fake and somewhat important at the same time. They asked me to take my glasses off, but I didn't like those photos. They just didn't look like me.

Okay, time to attempt sleep. Writing entries on my phone takes forever...
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I quite like that head shot, except for the background...reminds me too much of year book photos.

And hell yeah it is humid, I had to turn on my ac again for the first time in a month.
Oh man... I totally know you're in NY. I should have asked you before I packed last night! I didn't pack a single pair of shorts. I'm pretty sure I'm going to regret this.

I think the yearbook feel is what bothers me! I mean, the smile and head tilt weren't too bad in this one, so I thought it was the most me. But it's just so... Stuffy?
Well, it is for a work event, right?
It is for work, yes, but we have the evenings and Saturday to ourselves!
You look lovely, but I see what you mean about the photo. Glasses for the win.

ugh, speed networking. wtf? mention you have chickens, that's harmless & interesting and easy to recall.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and thank you for the phone effort.
Thank you!!! I don't normally straighten my hair and fancy up. I usually roll out of bed and throw my hair up in a clip. And it's usually strangely lopsided. I was pretty proud of myself for actually blow during my hair for once. Wasn't sure if I'd be able to do it. I refused to wear makeup though. It probably wouldn't have turned out well if I'd tried though.

OMG, that's a great idea! I'm totally going with the chickens! I've been dreading this activity since I saw it on the agenda! Feeling much better about it now :)
The photo definitely looks professionaly. You look lovely. :)
Thank you!!! :)
This is so cute! ^_^ Look at you being all professional. *prints, frames and shows everyone while tears stream*
Hahaha, thank you :D
Oh I love the shot! You do look very professional, glasses suit you too. I bet you're one of those people who can wear a good hat as well aren't you, and not look silly. Damn youuu!
Haha, thanks! I feel like without my glasses I look all squinty. Maybe that's just because I can't see, which wouldn't be a problem if I had contacts... But I like the glasses because they help hide the bags under my eyes and make it less obvious that one of my eyelids droops farther than the other one (which everyone claims they don't notice until I point it out)... :)

I can wear some hats okay, but it really depends on the style... And if I actually do something with my hair that accommodates a hat. Which is not often, thanks to me being incredibly lazy when it comes to my appearance. Sad.
Aww, you look so cute! That's a very nice and professional looking shot of you! I want to hear all about your visit, I've always wanted to go to New York, so I'm super jealous!

Have a fantastic time!


Deleted comment

I saw a post making fun on bosses day on reddit but I had never heard of it before. I wonder if its just an America thing :P

I think it's a great professional looking picture!


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I thought this might amuse you (chicken related):
LOL! Our chickens stick to the backyard, but if we ever move some place where they'd be out and about, I'll look into it :D